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Finding Strider!

Written by William Reddaway on 26 March 2012.

Finding the Horse
I was lucky, just when I started to look, a friend with much, much more horse experience than me (riding, owning and breeding) was recovering from an operation, off-work, unable to drive but able to be driven. Fantastic! My aim was to have a horse by end-March so mid-January I got on the web to look. Possibles were phoned and a page of questions asked. First one for a look was only a few miles from home. 16.2, 11 years, his breeding unknown (looked as if maybe a bit of Shire in there somewhere), his past looked good and he looked good. His saddle did not suit me at all but he seemed very possible. You cant buy the first one you see so I looked at some more. Up to Cheshire, back via Derbyshire, one a few miles east of here, down to Wiltshire, up to Warwickshire. Some “No”, one “Maybe”.

Ready to hack homeI borrowed a couple of saddles and went back for a second look at Strider. Tacked up with the saddle that fitted best I took him out for more of a try. Hacked along some lanes and up a bit of bridlepath. Fine with cars and vans; fine with a big tractor and trailer; sensibly doubtful about a building site and all its stuff. We made a mess of opening a gate but we did get through, and back through. He felt good. I made an offer subject to vetting and three hours later it had been accepted. On 14 February the vet gave him a full five stage vetting, told me his faults and said he thought he would be fine for a ride round England. On 17th I borrowed the saddle again, went and paid for Strider, and tacked him up to ride home. He was six miles from the yard by road but only three taking a bridlepath over the hill. Rather nervous but very happy ............ and an hour later we were in the yard, having done a messy job of getting through two gates but we will learn. Strider, welcome to the team. Little do you know what we will do together.