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A New Partnership

Written by William Reddaway on 05 April 2012.

Working with a new Partner

Strider and I have everything to learn about each other! One thing has come clear very quickly: he is a very nice horse to have around. And someone in the yard commented: some horses fit really well with their owners and thats true for Strider and William. I like that. Over the first two weeks he was progressively introduced to the other geldings and they seem pretty well settled. He is up near the gate when its time to come in which is good in a very big field that runs a long way down the hill and has lots of trees and bushy places to disappear behind. I can remember walking around that field for a long time when looking for Tommy.

Near Roel GateOur hacking out is exploring more places and going further down bridleways, over the common and along the lanes. He has been absolutely steady with any traffic but taking a careful look at the unexpected with salt grit bins, wheelie bins, rubbish on the verge and flapping plastic bags all viewed suspiciously. We will learn to take no notice of them. We have improved a bit at opening the gates we come to regularly but gates are the most obvious area for improvement. Another one is just standing quietly still when that is asked for. Quite soon we will start having a lesson each week in the school which will be good for us both.