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A horse needs tack

Written by William Reddaway on 06 April 2012.

A horse needs tack .............
14 February Strider passed his vetting so 15th I was out on retail therapy. I had got rid of almost everything I had for Tommy back in March 2006 when I sold him, so the list had plenty on it: Water buckets, feed bucket, haynet, head collar, lead rope, boots, stable rugs, turnout rugs, numnah (to go under borrowed saddle), first aid stuff etc. But the big question was: what saddle? For the hours and days he was going to have it on his back I felt sure a reactorpanel saddle would be the right type. It spreads the weight and gives freedom of movement underneath it. So by 7.00pm on 14th I had emailed Dean Woodward at Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions in Devon,Strider and saddle  http://www.saddleexchange.com/ to explain I needed a saddle and what for. An email came whizzing back suggesting they fit in a visit the following week when going up the M5.

Dean and Gini arrived with their van at 11.0am on Friday 24th and we looked at saddles on Strider. I tried them round the school and the second one felt good. Dean explained they give a four week trial period which is excellent. I put Strider back in his box and we went off to the Plough at Ford, six miles away, for lunch. What a lunch! Good food, a torrent of ideas about people who might help with the ride and ways of promoting it, PLUS sponsorship for some of the cost. There are moments when this huge project suddenly gets a real push forward. Its such a buzz and carries me on for all the next things that need doing. Gini and Dean are simply exciting to have around.