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More on the saddle

Written by William Reddaway on 07 April 2012.

Yard snowstormMore on the Saddle

After some longer hacks I realised the saddle was twisting my hips more than their 64 years and some bumpy landings could cope with. A call to Dean and Gini and they suggested a saddle with a more forward cut. Fitting in a visit on Sunday morning 4 March they arrived in a snowstorm. Sorted out the new saddle and left me amazed and delighted at their commitment to a customer – perhaps its lucky I am not far from the M5. They only had this one in brown so they promised that as soon as I confirmed it was “the one” they would get it made in black.

It is “the one”. I feel very safe in it and Strider has not shown any dislike. So I am looking after it very carefully ready to return it in good condition when the black one is ready.