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Written by William Reddaway on 08 April 2012.

On Strider’s training plan is work to become as bombproof as we possibly can. I’ve got 2 books on the shelf and some former mounted police training contacts to work with. But a friend just told me about a Spookbusting training session running for a morning on 15 April. Its within a hackable distance, maybe hour and a half each way mostly down the Common and then a quiet lane (till cross the A40 with good sight lines going south and not so good going home) through Andoversford and west to Upper Dowdeswell. It should give us a real start to work from. So, now its time to clean up my old leather saddle bags and sort out what we will need for the day. A real destination and a time to get there by is a much much buzzier prospect than simply a good hack. I will report on it in due course. Meanwhile if you are Gloucestershire based and dont know about the Cheltenham Horsemanship Club, take a look at http://chelthorseclub.co.uk/