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Saddlebags and THE Torch

Written by William Reddaway on 20 April 2012.

I will come back to the Spookbusting later – it was a great day! For now:

The week started with a big box in the post. SADDLEBAGS, front and rear and all the bits to go with them. Lin Gregory in Cumbria makes them beautifully. Excellent, practical design, really tough material, very good stitching and all done with real quality. At first glance they look rather small and they are not tremendously capacious which is good because it reduces the temptation to carry more than you absolutely need and that cuts the risk of having more weight than essential: “Its not the kilometres that cause the horse the problems; its the kilograms”.

AND Sr Mary Joy Langdon who runs Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre has been selected for the Olympic Torch relay. She will be carrying it in Hounslow, West London on 24 July. Thats great!