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Hack this morning; Spookbusting 15 April

Written by William Reddaway on 27 April 2012.

It was only raining slightly at 7.00 this morning so I didn't put on my long waterproof cavalry cape.......... Our 90 minute hack went down the lane, through the village, stayed on the road to Southam and then took the bridleway up the hill through Queens Wood before turning back along the track below the common to get home. He was great: Steady on the road with no nerves about the commuter traffic, glad to have a bit of a trot on the first bit of bridleway and then steady walk up the hill on a slippery path under the trees, Not yet.....including a diversion for a fallen tree which took us into the “rough”, stepping over a couple of tree trunks scrambling some ups and downs and me flat along his neck under branches. Out on the top we discovered a brisk little north wind but by then it was the home run. Back into the yard, I was very wet, saddle (and everything) ditto. I will clean the saddle later today when it has dried.

Not yet.....Almost two weeks since our “spookbusting” training. It was nine miles to hack down to Upper Dowdeswell and we got there in an hour and a half without losing the slightly loose shoe and without any fuss at the wind turbine – he noticed it but was not really bothered. Its still wheelie bin types of things that he is not keen on. Sheila Reed ran a super three hours for six of us. In the end Strider and I managed all but one of the “obstacles”, though for a couple it was only by following another horse through. We failed to walk over the blue tarpaulin and Sheila offered Going .....?Going .....?to take over. She worked him at it for several minutes and in the end he did it. After that he was fine coming over with me. The others left in their lorries and trailers. We had some lunch: sandwiches for me; Alfa for him. Then we set off back home. A GOOD day. Longest hack I have done with him, so far!