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Weather, roadworks & feed

Written by William Reddaway on 04 May 2012.

I can’t say the weather has progressed, though its been drier today. The ground is so wet it feels irresponsible to go out and cut it up and it is often a slippery footing for Strider. We are lucky with the lanes and tracks we can use. Wednesday I took him down the hill into the village where there is a hundred yards of new roadworks with 4-way control traffic lights. We queued to go through; went through at a walk and turned round to go back; had a long wait for the lights (he was pretty patient) and trotted back through. He is good with traffic and was really great with the red barriers, machinery, signs and the rest. We will do it again, and again ......... and progress to more seriously urban areas over the coming months.

I have started to change his feed over to forage based feed from Simple System Ltd – www.simplesystem.co.uk - which we will complete over the next few weeks so he is on their GreenGold and LucieNuts, plus their complementary feed Total Eclipse as we tend to be short of selenium and copper in the soil here.