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Trying out Towns

Written by William Reddaway on 07 May 2012.

After our success with roadworks and traffic lights I decided to try some more “urban” experience. Winchcombe is not a great metropolis but it has narrow streets with houses and shops right up close, lots of parked cars, sign boards, traffic and people. So we cut across the common and down a track to the B4632 which can have fast traffic but has very good sightlines and would not be too busy first thing. Half a mile on the road was fine and we walked and trotted into the town. Cars were thoughtful; the bus stayed so far back I didnt realise it was there till someone on the pavement in the square hailed it, and we went along both main streets then cut across and round to come back up to the square and home the way we came. Strider was very calm and only slightly wary of funny objects. Back on the common we had a bit of gentle canter to release any pent up energy. A great start to a dry and sunny Saturday.

This morning (a BH) felt a good moment for more town work. Sue in the yard told me of a track I didnt know from the back of the Rising Sun down the hill to near the bottom so we set off for it. GREAT route: It had some steps (easy ones), some very narrow bits, a fair amount of mud, two blind narrow rightangle bends, overhanging vegetation and lots of looking into gardens etc I had never seen before. Then it was along the B4632 through Prestbury and into Cheltenham. Went down to Pittville, round Pittville Circus and back out again. As we started up Cleeve Hill it began to drizzle but we were well sheltered on the little track only getting properly wet when we came out onto the common. Two hours and back into the yard. Could be quite a bit faster as I get confident enough to take more at a trot. Next time we will head further into Cheltenham.