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Macro Art: What Stars!!

Written by William Reddaway on 25 May 2012.

I decided we (Strider and me) needed a banner to put up when we stopped at places and to use at events over the next year such as the Ride Launch on 12 June at the Pony Centre and, I hope, at the Gloucestershire Launch on 14 July at the Cheltenham Show. Practical matters, like having to fold it up and fit it in a saddlebag, meant that 1.5m x 0.5m was really the maximum size and I did some research (Google and asking around) about the best method for printing that could survive the folding etc. MacroArt logoAnswer is dyesublimation printing and MacroArt the suggested people. They do HUGE stuff, like wrap Selfridges in printed material, but they said they can do small stuff too, though nothing will stay looking too good for ever if you keep on folding it up and stuffing it tightly into a small bag with other things. I can see that is rather brutal treatment. Cost with vat and delivery would be around £160. I asked if any chance of a reduction as its for charity fundraising ……………. Nice man said maybe halve the printing cost. Karen at Saintbury View Design did a great design for it and I sent it off. And this morning I had an email from Steve Flint saying MacroArt would do it for FREE. What stars!!