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Bowen Therapy

Written by William Reddaway on 31 May 2012.

Sue Buckley is a horse owner and human, canine and equine Bowen Therapist. And she is a ReactorPanel saddle user and enthusiast who understands how and why they are good news for horse and rider. When Dean and Gini of Saddle Exchange Co mentioned the Ride she offered to help make sure Strider was “anatomically” in the best possible shape. She came on Tuesday for his first treatment. He was thoroughly gone over, checked and “tuned up” (my words not hers). She said he was in pretty good shape and she will work over him again regularly and not charge for it, which is marvellous of her. Meanwhile I am going to get myself checked and treated by her as there is some clear evidence of bits of me not being aligned and working as they should: one shoulder, around the pelvis and whatever makes me rather one sided in the saddle, plus .......... I am sure she will discover things. At 64 there are sure to be some and I can recall several of the body bending moments of my equestrian life.
Thankyou Sue.