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To the Station

Written by William Reddaway on 02 June 2012.

Worn shoes, Bowen Therapy, time constraints, this that and the other have kept us out of town but today we came down from a damp misty hill into a cloudy but warmer Cheltenham heading for the railway station. Strider was as good as ever with the traffic but a bit ready to notice other stuff. Roadwork’s signs, benches, low railings, sign boards all caught his eye so I did not hurry as we came through Prestbury via the Burgage, along New Barn Lane, down Albert Road, across Pittville to Clarence Square and on across the lower High Street. We went along the River Chelt to Waitrose and then down the Honeybourne Line. He was good as gold in the underpass with only a slight sniff at the murals, and strode on towards the station with a stop while I chatted to two PCSOs who commented he was the first horse they had met there. The “Line” comes out in the station carpark so we watched a Virgin Cross Country 125 set off from the platform and turned for home with an early refreshment break of some clover rich grass on a bank that had not been mowed. He was steadier going home, and slightly faster paced, walking on well through much heavier traffic than we had had the other way. Home after a bit less than four hours he got the late breakfast he wanted.