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Two Differing Days

Written by William Reddaway on 17 June 2012.

Yesterday, grey, damp and strong wind. We went down the Common and on east to Roel Gate. Route markers were up for a fun ride. Red and white tape tied to gorse bushes and blowing madly in the wind on the Common got his “I dont like that” look. After we had seen them on gate posts, trees, fences etc for a mile or two they were not a problem. Just under 3 hours with plenty of trot and a good sense of working.

Today, warmer, sun coming through, less wind and down into the middle of Cheltenham. A bit sluggish to start. Tired from yesterday or stuffed full of grass from a night out? Slightly more watchful, possibly things gleaming and shining more in this unusual sunshine! We went up Bayshill Road, down through Montpellier with people heading for Food Festival events, past the bus station – let a National Express coach turn out in front of us; past Boots Corner and back out again via a little alley I have been longing to ride through, then Pittville Gates and the park. I am learning where there are grassy bits in town where he may feel comfortable to have a pee and that are not likely to be sat on. 3 hours 20 minutes and he was delighted to see his breakfast.