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A Time of Gifts

Written by William Reddaway on 29 June 2012.

The first donation has come in via the new Virgin MoneyGiving page. Thankyou Myra. In the middle of a thousand things to do it is a real boost when support and a kind message pops up.

AND John Codner and the Dragon Veterinary Centre in Cheltenham http://www.dragonvet.co.uk/ have given me a 1st Aid kit for Strider. So now the professionally selected basics (can only carry the basics) will be in a saddle bag for when needed.

AND ........ not yet seen in writing, but in the next week I hope to have two more bits of support to report. That feels good, even if Strider is Tweeting a moan about Purple Spray spoiling his Bay Tobiano good looks. He needs to be more careful about not making holes in himself.