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Six Months to Go - jottings

Written by William Reddaway on 10 November 2012.

Six months is a long time except when: Its been five years getting to it, AND you know what needs to be done in that 181 days.

Every day needs work with Strider, emails and/or phone calls about accommodation along the route, responding to people about this and that, and facebook, twitter or blog done.

Every week needs something done for the fundraising and PR. Just at the moment I need to list names and contact details for 100+, or will that be 200+, people for invites to the Gloucestershire Launch in late January. And every week there should be letters to potential sponsors or equipment suppliers or organisations that can spread the word and support.

Always there are things like getting my brain round the helmet cam that is sitting with its 47 pages of handbook on the diningroom table, or working out what will pack into what dri-sac and then saddlebag and checking how the weight is adding up. And up-dating the maps on paper and digitally as route changes happen and accommodation is sorted.

AND there is always stuff needing typing at my lousy speeds and an ever-growing pile of paper for sorting, filing or binning.

And, do you know, all that has been true in some way or other of every decent sized expedition, project or task ever since ever since. And you just have to get on with it!

So, thankyou to all who have helped and will help with different bits of the Ride and huge thanks to all of you who have pushed the charity total up to almost £19,000. It may sometimes seem as if I am in low ratio four-wheel drive 1st gear in mud BUT it is moving forward and its GOOD.