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Email Down

Written by William Reddaway on 07 May 2013.

Well, timing is everything they say!

Its three days till Strider and I leave the yard to hack up to the start and I am a bit frantic getting lots of things that have been left to the end done and sorted. So its perfect timing for my email to have collapsed on me. It was caused by trying to reset my passwords and now I cannot get into it al all! I need to get onto a phone to some helpful person in the BT call centre in India, if I can find the number to call there and when I have the time to spend a few hours on the call.

I have lots of update to give you ............... but it will have to wait till the next 72 hours are done, and the email problem is sorted. Meanwhile, just to say WE "GO" ON FRIDAY MORNING, and thankyou to the lovely people who have put in donations in the past few days.