Raised So Far...

Over £75,000

Help us reach our target of £250,000

The Ride in Total

212 Days
2,674 miles

May - December 2013



Laughing on a PonyLaughter



We are home!

 2,674 miles travelled, corners of England reached, cathedrals visited.

  A very long journey completed, but watch the blog for news of talks and events:


And if you can donate to the charities, please do. 


“Children, young people, families should have smiles, should have laughter”

William Reddaway

Smiles and laughter should be a big part of life. But the financial and social obstacles that many are forced to overcome can make things more challenging than can be managed without help, can make laughter hard to find. So, I am making you a proposition:

Help me raise £250,000 and bring smiles and laughter thanks to two charities that make a difference:

  • The Family Holiday Association helps many hundreds of families in dire circumstances to have a simple break.
  • Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre brings the transforming power of horses and ponies to inner London children and young people who face physical, mental or social challenges.

The Challenge for me is to ride a horse across the country to four corners of England, going through towns and cities, visiting 30 cathedrals and abbeys on the way. I want to make enough noise (I am learning to play the trumpet) to raise that £250,000.

The Start Date for the ride round England will be in Spring 2013, and the ride will take 6 or more months.

Its a big task:  2,500 miles; six months riding .

There is lots more information on this website but my challenge to you is here on the home page: 

Lets raise £250,000!


                        William,   Long Rider.