Raised So Far...

Over £75,000

Help us reach our target of £250,000

The Ride in Total

212 Days
2,674 miles

May - December 2013

Planning and Preparation

The Two Aims:

  1. Raise £250,000 for the Charities by

  2. Making and Completing the Ride – 2,500 miles

both need planning and preparation

I must start this note with a repeat of my thankyou to the Long Riders Guild.

This is a long ride. It will take at least six months. Each day must be a feasible distance and nights should be spent where we can get good support for horse and rider. With five days riding and two days off my aim is 125 miles a week  - 2 hours in a car - with time for rest, dealing with problems, for planning, confirming arrangements and for fundraising activity. I have allowed several weeks for longer rest periods, problem solving, sitting out bad weather or treating injury. If more breaks are needed, they will be taken. There isn’t a fixed timetable and the Ride may take well over six months, though it would be simpler for all involved if the horse and I were "on schedule"!

For more detail on the planning please go to: