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The Ride in Total

212 Days
2,674 miles

May - December 2013

Equipment, Clothing & Supplies


To carry things from the start or buy them when and where they are needed, except for maps, which must be bought for route planning and marked up, and for feed. Weight is a key issue. The more experience a long distance rider has the less he carries. If it all weighs too much, things will be thrown out. My current lists include:


For the Horse

Aim: Comfort and safety for him

Saddle - most important, a saddle that fits him really well, spreads my weight as evenly as possible and is refitted as he changes shape.

Numnah Saddlebags: front & rear Flyspray
Girth, stirrups and leathers Water bottles & holders Tack cleaning kit
Waterproof saddle cover Light waterproof rug/flysheet Equine 1st Aid kit
Bridle (inc. headcollar) & reins Hi-viz flashes on bridle & reins Hard feed: am & pm ration
Lead rope Hi-viz exercise sheet Nylon Bucket
60ft strong, light rope Hi-viz gaiters Grooming kit
Haynet Shoof/equiboot shoe replacement  

For the Rider:

Aim 1: Layers for warmer/cooler/waterproof, plus a change of clothes when not riding.

Aim 2: Be Visible.              Aim 3: Minimum weight.

Riding helmet with hi-viz band  Handkerchiefs Half chaps
Webcam mounted on helmet Silk scarf Short, heavy soled boots
Hi-viz waistcoat Lightweight trousers Watch
LED lights white/red for off-side ankle Riding gloves Waterproof Bumbag
Red LED armbands Silk long sleeve vest & long johns Wallet
Headtorch Inner socks, good wicking Camera/Phone/PDA
Waterproof jacket & overtrousers Wool outer socks Spare batteries & chargers
Silk long sleeve polo shirt Hoof pick
Vest Cotton long sleeve shirts Penknife/Multipurpose tool
Pants Merino wool sweater, buttoned at top Magnifying glass
Compass Whistle Secateurs
Folding pruning saw Spare pair of glasses Field glasses
Notebook Propelling pencil Ballpoint pen
Snacks - muesli bars, apples etc Toilet paper Binder twine
Trumpet + valve oil, grease & music My 1st Aid kit Suncream
Washing/shaving kit Towel Hand held weighing scale
Sleeping bag Sleeping mat  

For Fundraising

Aim: Information available anytime.

Leaflets or “business” cards with key contact information for donations and website etc

Notebook for on the spot donations.

For Navigation

Aim: Clear planned route but sufficient map width to identify alternatives.

Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer maps (4cm = 1km) prepared in advance, pre-positioned, collected/sent home for each section at suitable intervals.
GPS to confirm location.
City map for each city.
Directions for complex sections, e.g. Trans Pennine Trail through Sheffield
Waterproof map case
Compass, magnifying glass etc, listed above