Raised So Far...

Over £75,000

Help us reach our target of £250,000

The Ride in Total

212 Days
2,674 miles

May - December 2013


Sorted in Advance

I will not have a support vehicle travelling with me, or meeting me at intervals. I will need all the time I have got for riding, walking, horse care, me-care, PR and fundraising activity plus sorting the unplanned – problem or opportunity – so I don’t want to spend more time and effort than I have to sorting stuff as I go along. And, for fundraising reasons, I want to reach places on the planned dates as often as I can. That means most aspects of the ride need to be sorted before I start.

This includes:

  • The route fully worked out and checked with people who know each section – which does not guarantee it will all be OK on the day, or that nothing will change!
  • Accommodation agreed for my normal one night stopovers, three nights for the two “rest” days each week, and possible places for the week or longer stops.
  • Evening or rest day talk locations agreed.
  • Cathedral visits agreed.
  • Four Corner visit locations agreed.
  • Other visit locations agreed, though I expect more visits will be added as the Ride goes on.
  • Feed delivery and feed advice set up.
  • Maps sent out to collection points.
  • Farrier and vet contacts identified.
  • Saddle fitters identified.
  • Coordinators or contacts at the Cathedrals, Four Corners and other visit locations identified.
  • People who could help in between the Cathedrals etc identified, e.g. National Trail Ranger, local bridleway association secretary, well connected equestrian centre owner.
  • Tack and feed shops close to the route identified.
  • Sponsor and supporter contacts recorded.
  • Key PR and media contacts identified.

And all the above stored on one or more electronic devices plus, applying belt and braces, on paper. The bulk of the paper may be prepositioned with the maps.

And going on right through

“Behind” me, the support systems need to be:

  • Receiving, acknowledging and accounting for donations to the charities.
  • Receiving, acknowledging and accounting for money given to support the Ride.
  • Sending out press releases to the relevant media.
  • Responding to enquiries from the media and others.
  • Arranging for interviews or other media activity as I go.
  • Coordinating PR and fundraising with the PR activities of the charities and sponsors.
  • Adding visits or altering arrangements for visits and events in liaison with me and informing all those involved.
  • Ready to help with sorting a tack, equipment or other problem that I cannot sort where I am.

And that means some really good support!

So, if you would like to help, in any way, please contact me.

While after the Ride

Fundraising will not stop just because I and the horse have made it home! If you would like to organise a talk about the ride or invite me - and the horse - to come to an event then lets be in touch. If it raises raising money for the charities you will certainly get my attention – depending on what the event is, how far it is to come and whether you want the horse to come etc, I may have to ask for expenses or a contribution to the Ride costs.