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The Ride in Total

212 Days
2,674 miles

May - December 2013

Stage 16 - Southwell to Peterborough

Estimated 73 miles.

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I have had a preliminary look at the map for this section and I may get more pleasant riding if I keep to the west, closer to Oakham, rather than a more easterly route but I need to cover the floor with maps and do some more looking! Also I might go via Oundle, where I went to school, and then head northeast up to Peterborough from there. I did a lot of walking on the roads around Oundle when training for the four day Nijmegen March in Holland which I went on with the school in 1963 and 1964. The Oundle church spire can be seen from a long way off and it would be fun to approach it on horseback instead of on foot.

I remember the inside of Peterborough Cathedral vividly from when I sang alto in the Oundle School performance of Bach's B Minor Mass there in December 1961.


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